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What are Planetary Gears?


A planetary gear is a type of gear system comprised of spur gears. In planetary gearing , a center gear, called a sun gear, serves as the input and driver of the set. Three or more “driven” gears rotate around the sun gear. Finally, the planets engage with a ring gear from the inside, which makes an internal spur gear design. Because the planet gears are evenly distributed around the sun, planetary gear trains are known to be extremely rugged designs. Another benefit of a planetary gearset is that it is easy to convert to a different ratio by simply changing out the carrier and sun gears.

A planetary gearset uses spur gears that move opposite of each other within the same plane. While spur gears are a more basic type of gear in terms of engineering since they do not utilize specialty angles or cuts like bevel or herringbone gearing, they are complex in the tooth shape design. Depending on the application, this tooth design will determine where the teeth make contact, which then determines the available power, torque, and speed potential of the gears.

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How Use

Planetary gears are used as speed reducers. They are used to slow down motors and increase the torque. Torque is the working power of the machine.

Industries Use

Just a few of our applications include motorized wheels, winches, automatic door openers, conveyers, medical field, fluid transfer, appliances, tools and robotics. 


Gear designs are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive and off-road transmissions, wheel drive motors, industrial conveying applications, and others. 

Why Use Planetary Gearing?

Planetary gearing is used in rugged applications due to the even distribution of the three planet gears around the sun. They are more robust and power dense, meaning that they can handle higher torques and reductions in a smaller, more compact package. They can also handle higher shock loads and higher overhung loads because of the unique self-aligning properties specific to Planetgear.

Planetary gears are more versatile than other gearing because they allow for easy ratio changes. When changing the application used with the gearbox, a user does not have to buy a whole new product since they can simply change the ratio within the planetary design. 

Where are planetary gear systems used?

Gears are often used when space and weight are an issue, but a large amount of speed reduction and torque are needed. This requirement applies to a variety of industries, including tractors and construction equipment where a large amount of torque is needed to drive the wheels. Other places you will find planetary gear sets include turbine engines, automatic transmissions, and even electric screwdrivers.

Gear systems are able to produce a lot of torque because the load is shared among multiple planet gears. This arrangement also creates more contact surfaces and a larger contact area between the gears than a traditional parallel axis gear system. Because of this, in the load is more evenly distributed and therefore the gears are more resistant to damage.



Industries Using Planetary Gears:

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